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To create a Sustainable STEAM Eco-system that exhales equality and early access to STEAM Education and Digital Skills across disadvantaged communities in Sub-Saharan Africa


Steamledge STEAM Community promotes STEAM education and digital skills in Disadvantaged Community Schools and Populations across Sub-Saharan Africa while disseminating through Project Based Learning, Innovating through Critical, Logical and Analytical Thinking, and collaborating through Digital Tools


Nigeria has a total number of 74,013 public schools and 23,000 Private Schools with 60% enrolling for Non-STEM subjects- “Universal basic Education commission” Where most student enrolment in STEM subject is typically based on stereotyped choices rather than informed choices
Currently, African college graduates with a STEM degree represent a mere two percent of the continent’s total university-age population but are increasingly needed across a wide variety of industries. “World Economic Forum Future of Job and Skill Report 2017”
If we had many well-trained engineers, they could operate machines and build railroads and motorways. If we invested in R&D with our own scientists, we will able to prevent diseases like Ebola. If we invested in our tech entrepreneurs and innovators we will be able to resolve local problems with local solutions - Mariéme Jamme
While the Fourth Industrial Revolution may be disruptive to many occupations, it is also projected to create a wide range of new jobs in fields such as STEM, data analysis, computer science and engineering. There will be strong demand for professionals who can blend digital and STEM skills with traditional subject expertise, such as digital-mechanical engineers and business operations data analysts, who combine deep knowledge of their industry with the latest analytical tools to quickly adapt business strategies. There will also be more demand for user interface experts, who can facilitate seamless human- machine interaction. For Sub-Saharan Africa, the greatest long-term benefits of such jobs are likely to be found in the promotion of home-grown African digital creators, designers and makers, not just digital deliverers “World Economic Forum Future of Job and Skill Report 2017”


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